Who are we?

Our values

We have chosen to follow an approach based on respect for nature, the transmission of sustainable practices and mutual trust. Based on the concept of circular beauty, we take part in your cosmetic adventure in a sustainable way.


We support young Caribbean people in their professional projects by sharing our expertise.

We encourage the achievement of one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Respect for the environment

We adopt the right sustainable development reflexes on a daily basis by favouring recycled supplies, printing on vegetable-based ink and practicing selective sorting.

We reduce your carbon footprint by offering you a choice of raw materials sourced in the Caribbean.

We advise with a sustainable approach.

Mutual trust

We cultivate loyalty and ethical values.

We consider our exchanges to be private.

We are responding to SDG 17 by creating inter-Caribbean and inter-cosmetic expert partnerships.

Our Story

As a child of the Caribbean, I have often been amazed by our similarities, this common heritage that we have received... the customs and habits, the landscapes, the mimics reminded me of the country where I come from: Guadeloupe.
I have always noticed that the Caribbean was above all the place where unsuspected talents reside.

My talent is cosmetic chemistry.

I literally fell into it beginning my studies and never stuck out, hmm almost. I bettered my scientific background with marketing and sales techniques courses.

Regarding my career, I was so lucky to start it on my native island. Not everybody can claim this... Therefore, I appreciated every second, minute, month and year spent in that phytocosmetic laboratory where I did my second steps in cosmetic engineering and my first ones in plant extraction. I then analysed the cosmetic science market of geostrategic islands, only to come to the same conclusion :

the Caribbean has its own specificities and those are underestimated.

So how to include our environmental, climate-related and cultural context, in the manufacturing of your products?
This is within this specific context that I created in 2021, Sustainable Beauty Inside and Out Group with only one idea in mind :

make the caribbean cosmetic entrepreneur’s journey easier.

The expertise that I have gained and continue to enrich, I owe it to you, project holders and to our discussions.
The past few years, I have seen a significant upturn in cosmetic brands creation. Going from DIY to products’ launch seems to be easy as abc and still

S.BIO GROUP was born because there is no substitute for expert advice.

Your cosmetic project counts and deserves expertise. The S.BIO GROUP team will immerse itself in your vision and work with you to bring your concept to life. Formulation is a science and our passion that we are eager to share with you.

See you soon!


The Founder



Our scientific background and
years of experience in the cosmetics industry make us a reliable and credible partner.


A good expert is always one step
ahead. We see what you can't see with the naked eye. Cosmetic science is our business.


Confidentiality is at the heart of our services.
We guarantee the utmost discretion from the very first exchange.

Our approach is both holistic and systemic, taking into account all aspects of your cosmetic project.

Let the expertise guide you.

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S.BIO GROUP supports the initiative of the first Caribbean network of cosmetic scientists.

The first company in the West Indies dedicated solely to cosmetic subcontracting.